Awaken your senses

Awaken your senses

Taste, sight, touch, smell, sound and intuition have made us so happy… We need to be glad for it but they are not sufficient anymore to make the most of our lives. We need something new that makes us feel a flood of stimulus with each swip.

After years of hard work in our distillery, since 1880, no more, no less, we can finally feel really pleased.

Do you know what happens as soon as you cross the door of the Factory of Senses? That art and passion take old of all the processes that take place there and all of its corners.

Every morning at 8:30 am the show begins. Engines start and magic takes possession each one of those who are part of Rives. It’s then that the senses awaken.

Does this sound familiar?

That’s because you got it.


The 7th Sense.